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Kielder Water and Forest Park: ‘The Big Picture’ Development Plan and Site Masterplan
For the Kielder Partnership

Kielder Water in Northumberland is the largest man made lake in Northern Europe.
PLB worked with the Kielder Partnership to develop ‘The Big Picture’ a coherent vision for Kielder as a major regional destination with a forward investment programme of £30 million.

The Brief:

  • Create an overall vision and identity for the revitalisation of Kielder Water
  • Attract new audiences to increase visitor numbers and provide economic benefits to the region
  • Advise on cohesive site management to ensure conservation, protection and enhancement of the environment

Our Solutions:

  • A unified approach to investments in interpretation, infrastructure and marketing
  • Build on synergy between use of contemporary arts, architecture and the landscape
  • New interpretive viewpoints so visitors can understand the landscape in its historical and geographical context
  • Reinforce Kielder’s unique sense of magic of its waterscape and landscape - The Big Picture

Update October 2006:

The Partnership has secured additional funding of £800,000 to build an Observatory, new networks to link interpretation trails and introduce new activities such as mountain bike routes. Funding is also allocated for further feasibility and design work to extend facilities.

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