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How the Initiative works - Part 1

Our Greener Design Initiative has four key steps within the assessment process to enable the development of sustainable exhibitions:

1. Environmental criteria for the overall pool of suppliers
2. Working with the museum to understand its sustainability vision
3. Tendering for suppliers according to priorities for sustainability as set by the museum
4. Individual criteria for sustainability at the exhibition level

As an ISO 9001 registered company, we already have an approved suppliers list, reviewed on an annual basis and built into our quality management procedures. Thinking sustainably we have refined our process, incorporating consideration and evidence of a supplier’s approach to sustainability.

Every tenderer for works relating to our exhibition design must be asked to provide this information (if they have not already done so). They will be included within our approved sustainable suppliers list: a database of suppliers from all areas of exhibition works whose approach and experience can be matched to the client’s sustainable vision.

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